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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Humpday Confessions (Music Edition)

Yesterday, I actually said this in the office after listening to the the NPR podcast called, 'The Chronic' 20 Years Later: An Audio Document of the LA Riots: "I loved rap in 1993. That is when rap meant something! Not like the rap you hear today." Officially made my generation's old lady remark.  You are welcome.

This year will mark my 20 year high school reunion. Looking back at growing up in Wichita is far different than the current world I live in now. The message of that time still resonates 20 years later. Listen here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Road to the Oscars: Trivia Tuesday

What film director and screenwriter from Kansas created a ballet that was based on Martin Luther King, Jr. called, Martin? The ballet premiered in 1969 and was later screened on national television.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Road to the Oscars: Monday Minute Movie Review

Silver Linings Playbook

Can a romantic comedy about mental illness help audiences reach an understanding to the disease? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Oh, the last topic I would like to tackle this past year. On two occasions a couple of friends and I laughed on this year about the fine line of the "crazies" that human beings are capable of exhibiting. We are all crazy.* Bottom line. Of note, my heart went out to a certain individual battling an injustice this weekend. My God Almighty, as a witness, has nothing to with her own illness. One betrayal became a catalyst to her mental health improvement. And another became a battle she is intellectually prepared to fight.

Some parallels are these two stories. Both stories are filled with hope.

Pat, played by Bradley Cooper, has battled not only an injustice of going through the stages of accepting the bipolar diagnosis, he has to live through the consequences of his reaction to a betrayal. His character weaves (like a Philadelphia wide-receiver) through the ensemble cast of enablers, addictions, depression, obsessions, and compulsions to accept the truth for himself. His mental health matters.

My favorite scene is where Tiffany, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is frantic over tying a bow tie for her new friend and dance partner, Pat. Pat stands silently as her efforts fail. His gaze is fixated at Tiffany's behavior and his new revelation about her. Tiffany is frantic with the thought she is continuously failing her own progression. Both have secrets and the audience knows each hand up to this point. The hints are subtle. Pat is speechless, for once, not manic.

Worth watching the development of the two main characters.The topic is not as depressing as my first impression of this movie. Don't be afraid.

I laughed out loud twice and clutched the security of my popcorn during the manic episodes. Isn't classical comedies but a series of loss and hope with moments of polar extremes? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

*100 years ago when I took Psych 101, Dr. Boyd told us not to diagnose ourselves. We all exhibit a moment of erratic and/or irrational behaviors link to one or more disorders. ::thanks::

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Road to the Oscars: Humpday Confessions

I actually said today, "you know, as much as I want to identify myself as Melanie, in Gone With the Wind, someone so sweet and full of goodness, I'm afraid I identify with Scarlett."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Road to the Oscars: Trivia Tuesday

What 2013 Oscar nominated individual shares the same birthday as me, lists Rosemary's Baby as one of his favorite movies (meeeeeee too), is one of my favorite directors/screenwriters, and inspired stylists and fashion lines with retro technicolor pieces for years after one of his movies?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Minute Movie Review (Road to the Oscars)

Django Unchained *Read in Tarantino Style

Django Unchained is off the hook! Okay, that was corny and so was the very last minute of the movie. What do you expect from a "spaghetti southern" genre? It is a genre. Tarantino invented it. And I appreciate it. For you well read literary types that loved Midnight in Paris, Tarantino references the works of Alexander Dumas and German folklore. Don't worry you don't need to read up on any of the works prior, because he introduces the two very well and effectively.  So, yes, historical fiction, with an emphasis on the noun.  If you want historically accurate account of slavery watch, Lincoln. But this movie is as accurate as Inglourious Bastards was to Nazi history.  But no one watches Tarantino movies for accuracy, you watch it because it is a smart, fun, and can bring the likes of almost-forgettable actors, such as Tom Wopat's, career back to life. (Is it?)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sparkle is the New Black

Upscale and sparkly boutique, check. Pittsburg, Kansas has a new store front specializing in upscale children's clothes and accessories. Sassypantz Boutique opened its doors this past Saturday at the Meadowbrook Mall Commons and Wendi O'Rand, the savvy business owner, spared no short cuts for this venture. She surrounds herself with a pretty talented team whose specialties are fashion merchandising and social networking. Given the fact that Facebook, and our circle of former co-workers kept the store a buzz all week, customers were coming and going in the short time I visited Wendi. The aisles, she proudly points out are stroller friendly and the fitting room is roomy for the parent and children."

Among the tutus and the sparkly headbands, I gravitated towards the boy's Beatles inspired t-shirts, the felt party hats, and, of course, the basketball blanket. School colors were available for the area and Sassypantz also specializes in embroidery. My sidekick, Lisa, being of sound mind and committed that she already has bought the special girl in her life her 1st birthday present, couldn't resist the embroidery service and some "sassy" looking diaper covers. After checking out the embroidery display, it was clear that the this week's Obvious Fashion Tip is that sparkle is the new black.

Sassypantz Boutique is located at Broadway and Centennial at the Meadowbrook Mall Commons next to Urgent Care. The hours are 10-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10-5 p.m. on Saturday. "The late hours during the week," said Wendi, "is to accommodate the working parents."